PANS-OPS Training

FOI PBN IFP Training Course

Global Coordinates is collaborating with Aeropath to provide PBN and Procedure Design training.

Instrument flight procedures based on conventional ground-based navigational aids have always demanded a high level of quality control. As a regulatory authority DGCA had issued Guidelines for preparation and implementation of Instrument Approach and Landing Procedures in India vide Office Memorandum No. AV.15026/006/92- AS dated 3rd February, 1992. With the implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and associated airborne database navigation systems the Instrument Flight Procedure (IFP) process and its products have become the key enablers of Air traffic Management system.

Global Coordinates is collaborating with Aeropath to provide PBN and Procedure Design training.Global Coordinates is an experienced GIS and Remote Sensing Solution provider in the field of ‘Aviation’. Aeropath is an experienced AIM and procedure design services provider, providing such services within New Zealand and internationally. Global Coordinates and Aeropath have collaborated to explore the delivery of procedure design training in the Indian market. Wherein Aeropath will contribute the procedure design expertise including instructors and related training materials and Global Coordinates will provide the training facilities and related equipment in India [and in-country expertise] All Aeropath procedure designers are trained to the highest international standards. Aeropath operates in a variety of regulatory environments and the terrain encountered is varied and challenging. Aeropath’s customers include State regulators, ANSPs, Airlines and Airport Authorities. Their broad experience is reflected in their training, ensuring a great fit with any organization’s needs. The course is based on PANS-OPS ICAO Doc 8168 Volume II Construction of Visual and Instrument Flight Procedures; it describes the essential areas and obstacles clearance requirements for the achievement of safe, regular instrument flight operations.

General Criteria and Conventional Procedures:

Course Content
  1. Introduction to PANS-OPS Vol II & General Design Criteria
  2. Terminal Area Fixes and Tolerance
  3. Overview of noise modelling software packages, their advantages and disadvantages
  4. Introduction to Non- Precision Approaches
  5. Non Precision Approach – Final Segment
  6. Non Precision Approach – Intermediate and Initial Segments
  7. Non Precision Approach – Reversal and Racetrack procedures
  8. Non Precision Approach – Missed Approach
  9. Conventional Holding Procedures
  10. Conventional Departures
  11. Circling Approach (Visual Manoeuvring)
  12. Minimum Sector Altitude (MSA)
  13. Conventional Departures
  14. ILS Precision Approach
  15. Practical application
Course Fee & Duration
Duration: 4 Weeks .
Training Cost("Excluding Tax"): 515000 INR Per Student.

Classroom Training

Aeropath’s designers, instructors, training material, and software are world class. Aeropath holds certifications from multiple jurisdictions and is a contributing member to ICAO ’s Instrument Flight Procedures Panel (IFPP). Aeropath has received ICAO recognition for PBN and Conventional procedures and their practices are aligned with the latest ICAO SARPs.

Global Coordinates with Aeropath offers classroom based training options from basic to advance. We also offer the ability to customize the in-class content to meet defined learning requirements, offering a practical and cost-effective solution for specific training needs.