Property Consulting Service

Value of Property = f ( Livability Index) = f (location on earth, vertical space available, noise level, water table, environment index, natural disaster threat, local threat )

Height of any property lying within 20km of any Airport is restricted due to Aviation safety requirements based on the Guidelines of Ministry of Civil Aviation. Hence buying a flat on a floor which is unauthorized due to Air Safety reasons could be a loss making decision.

Also any property/flat lying in the flight path will experience greater noise levels at all times ( days and nights).

Global Coordinates provides the following expertise for selection of a property:

  1. To evaluate the maximum permissible number of floors at a given location on the surface of the earth.
  2. To examine whether the location lies within the flight path of an Aerodrome, thus determining the quantum of its exposure to noise.
  3. To measure the pollution index.
  4. To determine the level of water table below ground.
  5. To assess any threats from the surrounding areas/localities and the people living there ( Local threat profiling)
  6. To calculate the probability of flooding, earthquakes and any other natural disaster happening at that specific location.