Research & Development in Aviation

Estates around airports have become a scarce, valuable resource for industry. Large airport projects such as new runways at Mumbai, Delhi, Frankfurt, Vienna, Berlin or Munich airport demonstrate the conflict potential between urban planning and air traffic operator’s interests. From a scientific standpoint, existing regulations for departure / arrival procedure design, obstacle clearance evaluation and collision risk determination do not show congruent requirements with only two “somehow usable” target levels of safety (TLS) values in place: the CRM TLS valid for the precision approach segment ending at OCA/H which is often far above the obstacle hot spots around airports. Global Coordinates is working on finding solutions to conflicts between various sectors using new technologies.

We are currently exploring the following:

  1. Generation of contours at 1m interval from 0.5m high resolution stereo pair of satellite imagery and photogrammetry technology. High accuracy contours are a very important input for procedure design.
  2. Creation of 3D database of obstacles with x ,y, x around Aerodromes for all the Airports For online monitoring and surveillance.
  3. Development of a permissible height calculator, based on GSR 751( E) Guidelines using open source software rather than proprietary software like ArcGIS.
  4. Development of software for conducting Aeronautical Study using open source technology.
  5. Understanding the ‘Collision Risk Model’ developed by ICAO.