Think Tank

A seed lying in the dark depths of the womb of the Earth does not know when and if it would be able to pierce the surface of the earth and face the sunlight to grow tall. So it is with most of us. We are not aware of our hidden potential until we find the right soil, the right moisture and the necessary environment to grow.

Global Coordinates is on a journey dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs worldwide. We are a team who would like to support people with a passion in connecting, creating and developing solutions by providing the right environment with funding, to unlock their hidden potential. Ideas are the genesis of any and every great invention. If we can think, we can create, if we can create, we can do and if we can do, we can achieve. Think tank is to promote innovative thinking and intelligent solutions to real problems in any field.


With a willingness to create, the right attitude and the right knowledge, we can change the World and make it a better place to live. One of our goals is to act as a catalyst in the simulation of new ideas for the stimulation of Global Economic Growth. We can work with what we have in place of what we could have had and do our best with the available resources.

Global Coordinates is committed to maintaining the confidentiality and sanctity of an idea. It will not be shared or discussed or published via any media, online or offline without explicit written consent.

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